An ocean of solutions

An ocean of solutions

Today is Science Day at COP27!

Healthy coastal and marine ecosystems have a vital role to play in climate mitigation and adaptation.
Ocean science can help us to address climate change, marine pollution, marine ecosystem degradation and seabed acidification.

The oceans are one of the largest and most important carbon reservoirs on Earth.

The accumulation of human-generated carbon in the ocean is altering the chemistry of seawater, a phenomenon known as ocean acidification. These changes will affect the ocean's future role as a reservoir of atmospheric CO2 and alter marine ecosystems in ways that are still under investigation.
Moving towards creating uptake activities in ocean carbon research and safely enhancing carbon sequestration and storage by the ocean is in our hands.

Climatecoin believes in the need to work collectively between science, policy and society to ensure that ocean science leads to tangible and sustainable climate action.

To advance knowledge about the carbon cycle in the oceans and possible solutions to protect it, Climatecoin has recently signed a strategic alliance with Carbono Blanco, a 100% natural carbon burial system in ocean deposits - Ocean Based Solutions to offer concrete and permanent solutions in Carbon Removal.

Through the Memorandum of Understanding, both entities will scale climate solutions at a planetary level (GtCO₂), offering quantifications and valorisations of Carbon Dioxide CO₂ contained in Calcium Carbonate CaCO₃ making use of the security and traceability of the most advanced digital platforms in Carbon management and footprinting.

"We are building a blue digital economy based on blue science in close collaboration with Carbono Blanco and inviting other scientific organisations convinced that the solution is blue. Our DNA, vision, community governance, Climatecoin as a currency, wealth creation through innovation, compliance and democracy will inspire many others to double down on solid ocean-based solutions." Javier Manzanares, Co-CEO Climatecoin.

Carbono Blanco and Climatecoin are present at COP27 and the Sustainable Innovation Forum with strategies and specific proposals to mitigate, generate resilience and adapt to the climate crisis through permanent reductions of Carbon Dioxide CO₂ which governments and companies must promote and take advantage of to join the fulfilment of the commitments of the Paris Agreement.

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